Home/Office Window Tinting

home-office-window-tintingWe at the windshield doctor can apply a variety of different window films to best suit you’re needs. There are many benefits that come from widow film. Window film is the most efficient way to reduce unwanted solar heat transferring through your windows. It can provide significant heat reduction versus untreated glass, while controlling hot areas and cooling off sun-drenched spaces in your home or office.

Window film blocks a high percentage of UV rays. This helps to protect your valuable furnishings from fading and provides a sunscreen for your skin against the harmful effects of the sun. Whatever the cause; direct sun, reflections from snow, water or surrounding buildings – there is a perfect window film solution to help reduce effects of the sun.

home-office-window-tinting-04Safety and appearance are also benefits. Window film can act as a “safety net” by holding shattered glass together in case of an accident or vandalism. There’ is also a choice of window film products that can aesthetically complement the exterior of a home or office building.

All Residential Window films have a complete lifetime warranty against failing to look or perform as promised. This includes any bubbling (adhesive failure/lamination failure), peeling, fading, cracking, color destabilization (turning purple), and adhesive failures. They will bring you maximum comfort and enhanced views for the life of your home.

There are various homes and buildings that showcase our work around the area. Many of who have reported to have seen a dramatic difference.